Mats Andrén


The Walk

2012-10-07 - 2012-10-28

“I have never been very good at leading a normal life”

The-walk is an attempt to find a lifestyle. A life I want to live that seems meaningful, exciting and challenging, anything but predictable and secure.

This exhibition is the result of my first careful venture into my imagined new life.

I spent almost 2 months walking through the Swedish countryside trying to find out if my ideas about a nomadic, minimalistic life were feasible or just crazy.

Walking from Stockholm to Åre and then back by way of Karlstad, covering 1790km, I discovered than that walking is an art, and that I very much wanted to be one of its students.

Meeting people, experiencing the countryside as so much more than just a blur outside a window and living life in the moment was more than I had dared to imagine. All of this even though I had walked through one of the wettest and coldest summers for more than 100 years.

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